Haier and Kenwood Split Airconditioner Experience


I would like to know how you would rate Haier and/or Knewood split A/Cs if you've ever used them.

I'm planning on buying a one of these within a month or so in Karachi, a 1 ton, and would like to know if both brands are reliable in terms of after sales service/support, durable and worth spending money on.


dude. . buy HAIER one . . its better then kenwood

Don't know about haier but i have kenwood.... it works but not to the expectations ... so i would suggest try haier if u don't other choice.

DO NOT buy a Kenwood split AC. I bought a non-inverter 1.5 ton unit, and the cooling is utter crap. I’m returning it as used it for only a few hours with 100% non-satisfactory results.