HACKINTOSH Dell Latitude D830 with Fully Working Apple Operating System

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I am selling my Dell Latitude D830 Hackintosh. (Hackintosh is a non apple computer running Apples Operating System)

The hardware specs are as follows:

2 GHz Core2 Duo (T7300)

3GB 667 mhz DDR2 Ram

80GB Hard drive

This laptop is running 3 Operating systems

1- Snow Leopard

2- Lion

3- Windows 7

Both of the Apple's Operating systems are running flawlessly with all the USB ports, Trackpad & trackBall,Bluetooth, Keyboard, Sound, WiFi with every thing working. You can watch the video below.


The condition of the Laptop is very good, easily 9 out of 10. You can determine that from the pictures as well.

More Information:

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I built this Hackintosh when my Macbook Pro was stolen as at that moment I was not ready to buy a new Macbook. This is a very capable system and can perform as good as any mid 2008-2009 macbook. I have used it extensively for Video and Image Editing, so far it has not let me down. I also replaced its battery with a newer one as the older one was unable to charge beyond 30% (receipt included), so the new battery can last for around 2 hours depending upon the usage. This is an ideal machine for any one wanting to switch to Mac or a pervious mac user.

Having said that Windows works as good as any other Dell Machine


Included in the Package:

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D830 Laptop

D830 Charger

D830 Spare Battery


GeekBench Score can be viewed here: http://browse.geekbench.ca/geekbench2/view/473576

Loation: Karachi (collect in person)

Price: My demand is 38,000 Rs. Again this is not some thing you can go and buy of the market, it did cost me substantially to make it a fully working stable Hackintosh. (upgraded Ram, replaced WiFi Card etc)

Contact me at: 03122686961. Before calling please send me a text with reference to Hackintosh and please try to follow some common sense regarding the time at which to call if you decide.

Any queries regarding this Laptop are welcome. But please refrain from making useless comments.

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