If any friend asked me the best and easy way of hacking wifi by Androids or laptops than we wiwbe very much thankful of that man.......?

PM me for some $information$


If it is purely educational or you want to audit your own wifi security and let's say you want to know the (forgotten) password of your own wifi, then, you can crack it via aircrack-ng with a supported wifi card (mostly for laptops/pcs)!

Warning: Breaking into somebody else's network (even without intention of harm) is a criminal offence hence punishable by law in Pakistan! Most courts (whether rightly or wrongly) also believe in the open wifi to open door analogy (just because someone left their door open, you don't get the right to enter into their house on your own ... similarly, just because someone has left their wifi open, it gives you no right to use it)!