Guys,tell me plz,

Hey,i want to know that what do u ppl think about dell optiplex gx280. purchasing a used branded pc is good or unbranded(new),and another thing is that i dont know much abt graphic cards,plz suggest me some graphic cards.

If your budget allows and you are not a complete beginner, I would suggest you to go for non-branded new PC. My 9-year old cousin has GX280 and it doesn't support wide-screen resolution of 1600x900. Plus the hard drive that came with it has failed completely.

And it will be best if you could first tell your budget for graphics card, or which specific game will you be playing. Different cards are better at different price ranges.

my range for graphic card is 8k,btw i was thinking abt abt gx280 because shopkeeper was saying that these branded pc's r more good,i would be playing the game SNIPER:GHOST WARRIOR.

i too recomend new pc.

branded pcs come with almost no warranty and most pcs components have a life of 3 years anyways. so you are buying a pc at almost the end of its life..

most Dell OptiPlex GX280 come with pentium 4 cpu which is quite old is not not very good for games (if i understood your post correctly)

increase your budget and buy a new pc