Guys guide me which mobile to buy under Rs:50000

I want to buy a new mobile my budget is Rs:50000

i am little confuse what to buy. right now I am thinking to buy Nokia E-90

If there is any other cellphone which is better than e-90 do tell me.

you haven't specified what would be the primary usage of this phone you are about to buy (other than making calls and texting, ofcourse).

I'd suggest the N95 16GB edition, if you want to save some money and get all teh goodies (minus the GPS) then go for Sony Ericsson's K850i (its my favorite phone on hte market today).

if you want to go for a SmartPhone, then wait for some smart members to reply :P

If you could wait a lil longer, i'd suggest the N96.

e90 AND n95..are very much alike!!

why u dont go for windows mobile!!!u can get a good one in this price range!!!

my friend has N95 and it is really GREAT!!!!


you should go for a windows mobile based phone!

go for n96

or some windows mobile

or for some sets of imate

i would suggest u to either go for N82 or N95 8gb edition

N96 is for no use atleast here in pakistan coz it has dvb-h reciever and the service is not available and very low power battery which will be drained in a day.

the only advantage of this fone is 16GB on board memory other it is no different then N95 8GB.

Hey guys i had n95 but robbers took it from my house :(

anyway i dont want n95 as i have use it.

Get HTC Windows Based Mobile..I am using it myself and trust me it's hell a lot better then my Blackberry Pearl and Nokia N73.

I dont want to use windows based mobile as i have used i mate . windows based mobile is good in use but right now

I think its much better to buy iphone than windows base mobile.

go for iphone or e90

but i love e90

don't even think about iphone.

Its has poor camera

you won't be able to send or receive pics and mp3 files via bluetooth. i wonder y they have installed it then.

there are no softwares for iphone.

The only advantage is its look.

Other than that its just a good looking brick.

The best one is n95 8gb but since u had it. then I suggest sony ericsson k850i

no offense..but i m just curious to know why are you spending so huge amount on a mobile phone? do you have some specialized needs?