Guide-Resizing Images To Send Via Email On dial up connections

Sometimes It could be very difficult to send large image attatchments with email on slow dial up is how to resize large Images to send as email attatchment on dial up


1.Irfanview:Its a Great and very portable image viewer and editing software>>>>

>Use This method to resize your images to get the desired quality

1>Double click the Irfanview icon on your desktop to open the photo program

2>With your mouse, left click on FILE on the menu bar, continue holding your left button down and drag your cursor down to OPEN

3>Chose the image You want to Resize

4>To determine the size of your image, left click on IMAGE on the menu bar and drag your mouse down to RESIZE/RESAMPLE

5> Decrease the height and width of the image.We need to reduce the physical size of the image. The 72 dpi is fine. Make sure the PRESERVE ASPECT RATIO box has a check mark in it.Click on Ok

6>Now you need to 'save' your image with its new size. On the menu bar, left click on FILE, drag your mouse down to SAVE AS. (If you simply click SAVE, you will override your original image, which you might not want to do.

7>New window will open give your image a name.From save as drop down box select the file type THEN CLICK SAVE

YOU ARE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!