Guest Houses in Karachi

Know any good "guest houses" in Karachi, preferably with meals or at least breakfast, and how much do they cost?

I would like to know that too. Coz some of the times when i crash at my friends in another city they are not as welcoming as i would have liked. The hotels are either too expensive are plain crap.

But if you want to stay free somewhere then try [link][/link] I am planing to try using it when i go to iran this autumn :)

But something tells me that i will have a hard time finding a couch as i believe that most of the hosts want foreigners [westerners] to stay at their place. It could be a great service if the hosts were all welcoming to everyone, foreign or local.

look in dawn newspaper on sunday adbuzz back section, in one of the back section under guest houses in karachi,,