Group Buying Now in Pakistan


Whats this??

its an online group buying concept popularized by, people get huge unbelieveable discounts

Meh.. for Karachi only.

There is another one for ISB , which says coming soon for some other cities too.

My friend is working with !

They started off with distributing Sugar for 25/Kg . 2 Kg bags and limit of 1 / person. I wonder who will get to pick it up ? Like it would for sure cost more to pick it from their center. Only problem I see in Pk with this concept is lack of credit card and e-money usage.

Yep and sales volumes. You need huge volume of buyers to make this work. Punk can you please tell us how one can pay Do you need a debit card/ credit card? The percentage of the population with internet capable cards is < 0.5%.

I am not sure how would you buy. They have written unverified order. Means you just commit to buy. Deals are great though :)

Its a big market and if they are able to mold it for the local market, they could earn good money :)

DailyHypes is running the Deal with two options. ‘Pay at Door step’ and ‘Pay via Bank’. The coupon is delivered electronically once the payment has been made.