Green and white horizontal lines on laptop's screen

When ever i wake my laptop from sleep mode or when it came back from black screen(screen saver etc.) it shows green and white lines and some times purple lines too,mixed with the other two only upto half of a screen not full.I face this problem only in winter as far as i know.....

....and this usually happens out in the open or inside the house? :rolleyes:

Inside the house most of time........

Well, I think its clear that your laptop doesn't like being woken up in winters much. Don't let it sleep & keep it in a heated room. :)

Is this just happening on Windows or some other OS too (use Ubuntu live cd)?


If these are thin lines going across the screen, then, its likely a display power supply side problem (likely a capacitor ... especially common for samsung's displays)! However, you may try:

- another OS like a Linux Live CD/Usb to rule out win/driver problem as suggested above ... might also try booting into safe mode of win

- to download fraps and capture/record your desktop when the issue occurs ... then play it back once the issue is gone or on another machine ... this will check the GPU

- If it isn't win/driver issue and it is also not due to the GPU, then, it could be the display itself due to a number of reasons ... you may have to open it up ... check all the cables and connectors related to the display/LCD ... while you have it open, it might be a good idea to clean the machine up and check or replace the thermal paste/TIM for the heatsink (will help with temps in future especially if the old one has dried up ... be sure to only remove the heatsink if you have good quality TIM at hand)

- to look at and see if you could perhaps identify one to replace