Graphics card

Dear All Please suggest me a good graphics card for under mentioned CPU :

dell optiplex 755

Intel core 2 duo 2.66 GHZ E6750(4mb cache) processor

2 GB Ram(667Mhz)

300GB hard drive

Mini Tower casing

305 watt power supply

GMA3100 Graphics built in

PCI Express X16 1no

PCI Express x1 1no

Samsung HD LED monitor 21.5"

My range is 5000-6000

I recently saw some people selling their 9800GTs for around 6000 on PG, so try to get that, thats a very powerful card. Otherwise you can always go for the 9600GT or its ATI equivalent.

what about this card please advice

^ Yep, thats a 9800GT from Sparkle, its very good.

Also please suggest this one as it is avaiable in the market for Rs 6200

Thanks in advance

^ No no no, don't get that, thats a crappy card. If you want to buy a new card, get a ATI HD5550 512mb for around 5500, or a Nvidia GT240 512mb for around 6000.

From where in Rawalpindi I can get these new cards with reasonable price?

Thanks for your help.I am finalizing nvidia GT240 is it Ok? As it uses less power.

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From where in Rawalpindi I can get these new cards with reasonable price?


I don’t know about Rawalpindi, maybe someone else can tell you.

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Thanks for your help.I am finalizing nvidia GT240 is it Ok? As it uses less power.

Yes, go for it, it is equivalent to a 9600GT, and will work out nicely for you.

GT 240 is good, go for it but its around 6500 in karachi.

Now please guide me that Inno3D240 or XFX240 which card is best the prices are Rs.6500 and Rs7200 also GT430 is available in this price for Inno3D and XFX from Galaxy.Or I go for EVGA brand.

^ Get the GT240, it is quite better than a GT430, as for the manufacturer, get the cheaper one, they come in warranty, so buying from a better manufacturer really doesn't matter much.

I have checked the local market in Rawalpindi Saddar but no GT240 is available. They have only new cards and said that this is old card and will be not available please suggest.

In that case, get a ATI HD5550, or if you can increase your budget to 7000, then get a HD5670.

After all after a long struggle I found a used, in very good condition, XFX Nvidia 9800GT with check warranty for Rs6000. I have installed it successfully and updated drivers for windows7. Up till now its working fine. Please tell me how can I check its performance so as it can be finalized. Both the cards HD5550 and 5670 were also not available in the market.The model no of this card is GF 9800GT 550M 512MB DUAL DVI TV PCI-E.Is it OK.


^You've bought a nice card. Have a look at this.

@AHS You've indeed bought a very good card, this is the same card i recommended you at first, you bought it for a fine price aswell, so congrats!

As for testing its performance, first do a Windows Experience Index test, then download Passmark PerformanceTest & run your desired tests. And then finally run some graphically heavy games, and see its performance for yourself.

If you're interested in knowing its detailed specs, then download & run GPU-Z, it will show you its detailed specs.

I have run this Performance test and it sucks in 3D testing where a plane is running and also I have test it with Furmark and it sucks when it reaches 125 deg C.please advice is this its maximum test or I am using wrong parameters. it passes 2D test and all others except these.Its windows rating has increased from 3.7 to 6.8 for graphics card.GPU shark is showing 78 deg c temperature at the moment.

There's something seriously wrong with your GPU, 1st of all 6.8 is the rating of 9600GT, so 9800GT would definitely be above it. 2ndly it should pass the PerformanceTest with good scores both in 2D & 3D modes, and the flight simulator test should perform nicely aswell. And lastly, both the idle & busy temperatures you mentioned are way to high than they should be, infact the card could fry at 125 degress celsius.

I think you've either bought a faulty card, or you haven't plugged in the 6-pin connector, which is causing the fan to not turn on, and also decrease the performance of your card, if this is the case, then plug it in RIGHT NOW! or you'll end up frying your card.

I have checked there is no external connector on this card.Also I have seen that fan runs at full speed but the temp rises above 105 deg without playing any game. I have removed this card.the shopkeeper also told me that there is no requirement of external power to this card. Also GPU shark shows 100% fan speed.There is a new card available GTS250 EVGA from the same shopkeeper and the price is Rs9600. should I go for it or please suggest me what to do? i can invest more money but there are not too many cards available in the market.

^ If the 9800gt you bought really didn't require a external power connector, than that just means that that was the green edition version of that gpu, which are much slower that the regular version of that gpu. So that may justify the inferior performance. As for the heating problem, there was something really wrong with that gpu, no gpu runs that hot, specially on idle.

As for the gts250 for 9600 rupees, it seems to be your best option right now. The gpu is really powerfull, and is worth the money. Just make sure that its brand new/sealed packed, and is NOT the green edition crap.

But please note that you'll need to upgrade your power supply too, as your current 305w one isn't good enough for the Gts250.