Graphics Card

Need help in buying Graphics Card. Recently i bought LCD HD TV 26 inch as a Monitor and for Tv want graphics card for my LCD HD.Suggest me

MOBO :Intel D945gccr

Processor : Dual Core 1.8 Ghz 1

Ram : 1 GB RAM

OS : DUAL boot WIN XP and WIN 7 Ultimate.

Price Range Between 4500-7000 Rs.

what do you primarily use your computer for,,

heavy games,,internet,,tv???

if you tell us that then we would be in a better position to suggest you a good card

Using as a Monitor not interested in games may be in future but now mostly Computer and TV and Wacthing Movies from Computer.

For just that just get a new 9500gt for 4.5-5k, it'll do great for that & it'll also allow you to play older games & current low requirement games.

if you want to go for future proof, ie gaming +tv+movies

then the best (new) graphic card in your budget is the

gt 240 512 ddr 3.

If however you just like to watch movies and tv and are not interested in playing heavy games then there are many cards for that, some even lower then 3000 rs. Take a look at galaxy


yes it has PCi-E slot but i wanna know if i choose Nvidia evga or inno3d is better or ATI radeon HIS or XFX is better but first NVIDIA or ATI RADEON then EVGA, INNO3d,HIS and XFX.


Well if you plan to use HDTV as a monitor then it must have a HDMI slot, and if it does have one then go for the recent GPUs that has HDMI slot (some ati and Nvidia cards or yesteryear do not have one).

As for cards:

ATI HD 5570 PciXpress

HIS-1024MB 128 Bits DDR3

Rs. 7500

ATI HD 5750 PciXpress

HIS-1024MB 128 Bits GDDR5

ICOOLER IV Rs. 12000

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