GPU Suggestion needed

I am looking to buy a new GPU, but my budget is short, I am not a pro gamer I want the GPU for my 3D projects and rendering so DX 11 is not a big issue. I am leaning toward the sparkle 9800 GT from as it is priced 7500/- and its 1 GB. other option is GTS 450 which is priced 11500/-

I can not look at the GTS 250 as its 512mb(less ram means limitation in GPU rendering) version is for 9000/-

My question is if we neglect the DX11 advantage which card is better in Price / Performance Ratio?

Do you want HDMI so that you could connect to a HDTV??

nops no HDMI required as i dont have any LCD or TV with HDMI. I want to save as much money as i can.

Whats your max GPU budget?

well i want to spent as less as i can I have around 11K but i also want a ram upgrade as currently i am running on 2GB my board is xfx 630i and processor is c2d e7400 2.8ghz 3mb cache.

Either get a Nvidia 9800GT or a ATI HD4850, both'll do great, as DX11 isn't really much of use in your work.

well guys i have bought the gts 450 from iamextreme. the reason for this choice is as under:

1. 450 has 192 cuda cores with 789 clock speed the multiple of these values is more then double against 9800 which has 112 cores with 550 mhz as mostly GPU renderer use CUDA so the performance difference between the two is almost 130%

2. currently there is no advantage of dx11 but in near future more and more softwares are coming (eg furball for maya) that will have special features for DX11. i read some where that some future browsers will also use GPU for content rendering and DX11 will play a major role in that.

Thank you so much guys for your support and help :D

never Buy nVidia.. thats what every nVidia forum is telling about.. they have more than normal faulty chips and a Mass-failure of GPU's over the recent years.. google it..

The below mentioned notebook that i used to have has a dead GPU and the GPU is nVidia chip solded into the motherboard, so it cannot be replaced and the poor notebook is dead..

If u have the money, go for gts 450. Its a great card performance wise. I would always go for it over 9800 gt. Or if u want to also buy the ram, get a gts 250. Its an inch better then 9800 gt...