GPS road map software for pakistan

does any local or foreign company offer GPS road maps for pakistani cities.

my recent trip to dubai on office trip i was given a rental car with GPS navigation, i was amazed to find that it had full dubai road map in there and was pretty accurate.

to be honest with you it was fun to drive be told before hand when to make a turn with voice guidance.

i was wondering if something similar is available in pakistan.

I think I remember something for Karachi a couple of years ago, but I can't recall exactly...

yeah there is a company in karachi which provide Navigation for RS:95000

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yahan per har koney khudray main galian(streets) hain

ab kiss kiss gali ka maap banao gay

na koi gali registered na kuch

bhai yeh pakistan hai

shuker karo pakistan ka apna map haii


Lolz but it would be great if this technology would be available here (cheap) coz i personally don’t like to remember all the roads so it would be a blessing for me

well you could do it yourself. Heres the concept:

1) get gps reciever to get gps coordinates

2)get map of whatever place you want to have gps navigation for

3) get gps coordinates for a few widely distanced points in the city (say 10 different corners of karachi)

4) put the map and the coordinates into a program (i dont remember its name) and the program will map out the intermediate coordinates. So next time u just use ur gps reciever to get coordinates and put em in the program n it'll tell u where u are and then next u can map out from there the route u wana take to ur destination.

All in all its a small khuari, but for the luxury of gps nav. its worth it, i think.

Else, wait a decade or two and someone might take notice and give us similar gps based services in future :)