GPRS vanished

I am using samsung galaxy Gio S 5660. After turning off it's flight mode, it's gprs has stopped working. I requested fresh settings from mobilink but it didn't work.wifi is working fine. I have restarted the phone several times but no success.can anyone help me in solving the issue? The data network option is also enabled.

Check if your APN still exists or got deleted.

Try deleting the APN and then add new APN

APN has ben can it be added manually. I mean what settings should ki configure in new APN

You can add APN manually

1) Goto Setting-->Wireless and Network ---> Mobile networks --> Access Point Names

2) Press Menu key -- Select New APN

3) In the name field, add "Mobilink"

4) In the APN field, add "" (If you are on postpaid, if on prepaid then use "")

5) Press Menu key again and select Save

You are done....

Thanks brother.the apn name was wrongly configured for postpaid whereas I am using working fine.

Go check the APN, Username and Password of your setting once again....