Gpon Launched, but cant pay bills online

Why the eff cant we pay our bills online? Ptcl has resources to introduce 'gpon' services but they dont have resources to start e-billing system to facilitate the users?

If some ptcl manager is reading this, 'HELLO WAKE THE EFF up. Its 21st century.

Umm, you can. Use net banking. UBL, Standard Chartered and more support it. Some banks support the sms banking too.

Standard char does not have ptcl biling option. If im not mistaken MCB has it.

MCB have it.

yea well only a few selected banks have it, i m talking about general mass scaled DC/CC billing!

lets not expect miracles here.. I wish standard chart would get ptcl billing, that would make paying bills on a single site.

HBL - the largest private bank - doesn't have the option.

I don't know about MCB... but it seems only a handful of banks have the option.

We pay our PTCL bills through MCB online. In fact all our utility bills.

But half the pakistani population dsnt bank with MCB. We need them to launch a general E-BILLING SYSTEM FOR heaven's sake. Anyone having any card of any bank will be able to pay right away.