Govt Silently increased the PTV Fees

Govt has increased the PTV fees from Rs. 25/- to Rs.35/- per month. See your Electric Bill for this month. A 40% increase.

I think someone needs to challenge this fees in court of law.


MR. Chief Justice should also take some notice of this fee which is totally a plundering tactic.

We don't watch PTV. Then why should we pay such fees? Simple is that.

I think PTV still have the "Air Broacasting" monoply. As was once PTCL has. Still no one can broadcast in pakistani air unless get NOC from PTV (along with the govt deptt too). Thats why most of the TV channel brodcasting from Dubai etc.

^^^^ i think only ARY is broadcasting from dubai

ATV is also having Open air Signals

ATV is a public-private partnership (the airtime was leased to someone from the private sector)

ATV is PPP owned I think

ATV is second home of PTV (actually it is a shalimar TV network, a subsidry of PTV and the ATV is company having permission of broadcasting its programs). No other organisation have the right to transmit (TV) through ground based stations, unless a NOC from PTV.

All other are brocasting through HongKong or Dubai etc etc.

My point is that: is it not a monopoly? What a monopoly control Dept. doing?

Why there is fees for PTV (which is now hardly watch), why not for others? No other country has such a thing.

You know until November 2002 PTCL has the same monopoly for the communication (telephone etc) side.

BBC also charges fees or is at least partly funded by the British government. I also know for a fact that the South Africa's state owned network (SABC) also has some kind of tax in place to keep itself the US as well some states fund their own public TV stations. I'm sure there are plenty of other countries with the same kind of taxes/TV license requirements to keep state run TV alive.

As for PTV being a monopoly, I am not sure about that. Maybe licensing and setup fee's for a terrestrial network are just too expensive for others to launch. Besides, when you can easily launch a satellite channel that covers the whole of Pakistan, and given the proliferation of cable in urban areas, why bother investing in a terrestrial network?

Even if it is a monopoly, as PTV is state owned, it would make it a state sanctioned monopoly so there is nothing for the monopoly control authority to do.

we are working to feed our rulers only

we are just their slaves and cant do anything against them axcept thinking

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ATV is PPP owned I think

yes ATV owned by Babar Awan of PPP minister of law

if all the other private channels can be profitable, even the lowest end private channels are doing great with ad supported + selling programming to local cablewallas then how come PTV needs to get 35 rupees every month from us as jagga tax on our electric bills.