Got new speakers :)

got new Creative inspire t610... got it from Panorama .. he said 5200 frst but got it for 4700... i was lukn for this only or better.. now from better i only meant till 5000 R.s .. they are excellent.. yeah woofer can be a bit biger but its awsome.. love it.. i was using desi big stuff before.. desi speakers tht is.. but they have more watts but were not clear as they are... here are some piks.. do give me opinions of using it or anything else.... now the movies will sound much better =D ... btw are there any songs on 5.1 chanels :D hahaha

and of course tell if i made a mistake... i was only looking for Altec Lansing (i just love them) and creative... woofer is hiden :D



t6100 sorry light went out and i got confused :(

did i said they are killer...(i need giga works) :D can someone give me those as kidin.. these are good just waiting to get my new pc.. mostly need the x-fi extreme music sound card.. its under 6k and is worth more thn the price.. same as these speakers are... i am happy with them... love them! one more thing i noted is tht when i am listening songs or stuff the sound in my room is good enough but outside its really low as compared to my previous speakers.. this is good for my neighbors.. no metal in theirs ears i guess :P

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btw are there any songs on 5.1 chanels

yes you can cut out music videos from 5 channel sound dvds

hahaah how dude ... like i mean 5.1 mp3 songs.. no hip hop .. BLEH they sukBEEP! on your list should be a new digital camera :P

ahhaa very clever dude.

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hahaah how dude … like i mean 5.1 mp3 songs… no hip hop … BLEH they sukBEEP!

not mp3 but in avi format with AC3 audio

its crap.. i borrowed it from my cousin who is gone now and says that do whatever to it.. i dnt use it much.. its a web cam.. suka** type.. just for minimal minimal use. my n72 or even e50 was better than this!

n72 was king man king.. my love.. such a lovely 2mp .. u will be amazed if i show u the piks. same with n70 ..Nokia in short is King :P ... well letz get back to Creative :)

hmmm any dvds? i dnt know any..

Dude. See the 'edit' button on the bottom right of every one of your posts? Use it please. Don't create a new post every two minutes (literally....), it just adds length to the thread unnecessarily.

so... scroll down.. God gave u enough power to scroll down.. ha!

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n72 was king man king… my love… such a lovely 2mp … u will be amazed if i show u the piks. same with n70 …Nokia in short is King :P … well letz get back to Creative :)

have you ever used sony Ericsson’s camera phones IMO they are a lot better

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ha! i was the most stupid of all to get crazy over w810i and when i got it i didn’t even spited on it! it suks dude plus s.e is for cheap people and for wannabe looking for cheap and good thing… lol in the end they cry “oh y did we buy s.e, we should have aded a bit and get Nokia” crazy losers… sorry man this is not directed to u personally but this is the truth… Sony Ericson suks plus they are ruining the name of Sony, the company i love the most. and dnt be a hero replying to a banned person. in short s.e is hyped enough but deliver #$%#. even by flashing it with user created os… it suks still. thats all

Ramble all you may, fanboy. No one really cares for the baseless biased opinions.

P.s., I’m surprised this thread isn’t closed yet.

^^ good idea.