Got a free Broadband trial from PTCL. Will they bill me from next month without notifying?

A month ago, I got a call from PTCL that they are providing a 1 month free trial of PTCL Broadband. They sent a person and he just connected the router and went within 2 minutes without asking or telling anything. Now it's been little more than a month but the broadband is still working. My already connected internet is much better and affordable than PTCL so I don't want it. I am worried that will they bill me from next month for the broadband service? Do I contact them or keep using the trial until they contact me? Did anyone else get a free trial?


Although I don't have experience with the trial but here are a few things to consider:

- PTCL emphasises Opt-out rather than Opt-In

- Billing is usually 1~2 months behind

- You can't just ask to disconnect the phone line connection on the phone via customer support/helpline (though you can subscribe) ... you have to go to the exchange with a written letter from the owner for disconnection and the modem/router (be sure to take a copy as well to get the 'Received' stamp for letter and also get receipt for return of modem/router) and hope for the best because you never know when it'll be disconnected ... you'll continue to receive bills as per point 2 above, then, you'll get to find out later!