Google's third Nexus will be made by Samsung

Roughly a couple of weeks ago, we told you about the rumored specs of the upcoming third Nexus phone from Google. Now, we have a couple of additions for you from the same source. As always, bare in mind that everything is subject to change without notice in rumor land.

It turns out that the 720p HD screen of the highly anticipated device is branded as Super AMOLED HD. Now this sounds familiar, doesn't it? We can think of only one company which can produce such a display - Samsung. Obviously, this rumor dismisses the talk that the third Nexus device will be LG or HTC made.

The OMAP 4460 processor is also confirmed for the hottest droid of the year. We find this particular speculation difficult to believe - after all Samsung does a wonderful job in manufacturing its own CPUs. All you need to do to confirm this fact, is look at the performance of the Galaxy S2.

The code name of the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich phone is "Prime". Rumor has it that Google Nexus Prime is a likely name for the device.

It is needless to say that we will keep you posted on any further developments surrounding this hot topic. In the meantime, feel free to tell us what you make of the latest rumors in the comments section below.

Sources: gsmarena

I thought Ice Cream Sandwich was for tablets, designed taking into account the pixel density difference between tablets and phones.

I still don't get how they number andriod versions.. there is 3.1 already on some leaked deivices.. is 3.1 ice cream sand. or 2.4??

3.1 is Ice Cream Sandwich. 2.x are for phones and 3.x for tablets.