Google Wave - Invites(Nominations) Available

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there could be a delay for you in receiving the invitation as described by Google.


Did they mentioned the delay period???

No mail until now :(

^yep. I have sent the invites to my colleagues here just yesterday, and they have not yet received it as well.


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@Imran @Paradigm

Invites sent


thanks !

if available any plz send me

^Me Too...

Can you please send me an invitation at isharis @ gmail dot com

@KA, sent you an email.

@Osman @jhonjjj

Invites sent out

KA brother, I also asked you for invite


^I am sorry sfarrukh, I would like send the invite but can you please send a request at image.png mentioned in my last post from your gmail account(on which you want to be invited)


Thanks, has anyone got their invites yet? I'm in no hurry but would like to know if Google's making progress.

Guys. Invites took 2 days to be delivered to recipients. some of my friends have got it who have been invited on 27th Oct.


invite sent

can you please try and send again? on admin at keutech dot com

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very limited (10) nominations available, post with your Google email address if interested.

I think it can only be sent on GMail addresses.

^ i think it means google accounts! not gmail ones.

waiting for invitation


Google email account is Gmail account.

however Google requires a Google Account for Google Wave and doesn't require it to be gmail account

But I did require a Gmail account just to make sure that you already are a Google Account user. because I can not verify your current email address to be a Google Account.

any ways I just sent you an invite on your mentioned email address admin at keutech dot com

I think I need to modify that clause. but I'll prefer the requests received on my email address as mentioned earlier. send from any email address I need it to be a valid email address. thanks

PS. Recipient email address is just used by Google to send an invitation link. but that link is not bound to the recipient email address(on which the link is received). the only condition with the Link is that it would be used only for one google account, It can not be shared.

just put that link on your browser's address bar and signup by signing in with any Google Account or Gmail Account. if you use a Google Account(not Gmail Account) then you will be prompted another interface to choose a username. and if you do not have a Google Account or Gmail Account then you will need to create one to proceed with Google Wave.

I'll hope you will not spare the LINKs, thanks

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waiting for invitation


Please send request to the email address previously mentioned.

I’ll not respond to any in-thread email address

Please consider it. thank you very much

Please send a request at image.png to get invited. I'll send the invite to the email address from which I get the request.

Please do mention your correct WP Forums User Name in the email request.

and ping once on the thread as well to alert me.

I'll not send any invite to any one with less than 50 posts on WP Forums. but there is an exception I can consider and that is "if you are with less posts but you have invited some one in other threads for any kind of stuff e.g. torrent sites. I can send you the invite. "