Google Unveils Its Self-Driving Vehicle For First Time

Have you ever imagined travelling on car without driving it or without having driver. Late last year, Google annonced that their engineers are working on a self-driving vehicle.Now Google has successfuly tested seven automated Toyota Prius and one Audi TT cars on the roads of California and San Francisco. These automated cars are using Google’s software and hardware.These automated vehicles are using GPS systems and Google Maps to Maps to anticipate traffic lights, stop signs, and other landmarks.

Google’s fleet of seven automated Toyota Prius Prius’ and one Audi TT have driven some 1,000 miles without human control and more than 140,000 miles with occasional human intervention. One of these Prius’ could even drive itself up and down San Francisco’s famous Lombard Street, one of the steepest and bendiest streets in the United States. The only accident so far, engineers say, was when one such ‘driverless’ car was slammed from the back while waiting at a red light.The most brilliant thing about this technology is that it can be apparently be adapted to make the passengers comfortable.

Now our ministers will travel in Google's car. :P

Here goes the video:

Our ministers deserves flying bolt/bomb proof cars

I read up about this last year as i remember, Just wondering how did they even allow this car to drive on local roads of the US? Who owned the driving license?


world's first self driving car was Unveiled in pakistan here is video footage

Self driving is completely different than remote controlled. Self driving requires no step to step input. Just the desitnation. Good attempt by the students anyhow. nothing innovative though.

and Lmao.. that car is totally not practica;.. they have a whole CRT display plus keyboard and onboard the car.. :D