Google TV Ads go Public

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Google has announced that its TV Ads service, which has been in closed beta testing since last June, is going to be available to everyone with an Internet connection in just a few weeks. The service makes it so that anyone with a broadband connection can buy a 15-second or 30-second television ad that will air on Dish Network. This service could be a benefit to businesses because of the online second-by-second tracking information and the fact that the cost of the commercial is directly related to the number of people who actually see it (similar to Google’s AdWords impressions revenue online.)

There are some concerns that if anyone can air their own commercials, the “quality of commercials” is going to go downhill. (Think YouTube videos on your Dish Network channels.) But Google hopes that monitoring advertisers, especially first-time advertisers, will help reduce this problem. If all goes well, Google hopes to work with the major cable companies on extending the project to their channels. Time Warner and Comcast both have similar projects in the works of their own but indicate that their systems will be compatible for working with Google.



Looks to me that now Google is gona earn even more money

In return, advertisers can also earn a LOT of money but the real cash that G gets is via AdWords!