Google to buy Valve

Google to buy Valve

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By Charlie Demerjian: Wednesday, 17 September 2008, 9:59 AM

WELL PLACED SOURCES tell us that Google is going to be buying Valve any second now. If you have to stop and think about why, you probably are not aware of Steam, Valve's amazing content distribution platform.

Google Portal may be a nice idea, but that is irrelevant. Google Content Distribution (Beta) however should make just about every other competitor lose several years of sleep, most of their remaining hair, and large gobs of stock price.

Valve has the best content distribution platform out there, bar none. Steam may have had rough patches here and there, but they are almost all ironed out now, and just about everyone that matters has signed up to use it.

When Google picks them up, it will be a clean kill, no one else will matter. It is a good buy for them, a good thing for Valve, and in general, good for everyone except MS. Then again, they are irrelevant now, so who cares?

Long live Voogle, or is that Golve? DAMMIT!ยต


I don't know any other valve's product except counter strike, can you give me any example?

^ Half life 2 was also created by valve

Makes sense - sort of!

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^ Half life 2 was also created by valve

Half life, counter strike pretty much the same thing no? only difference is CS is multiplayer Half life isnt.

Well, Valve has got a good system going - I'd imagine they're valuable and have got at least a couple of suitors!

Don't really think so........

Valve Kills Google Buy-Out Rumor

Earlier today The Inquirer quotes well placed sources as saying that Google was going to be buying Valve "any second now," setting all of our hearts a flutter.

While the idea seems crazy at first blush Valve's Doug Lombardi has said they're willing to be bought. So we checked in with Lombardi himself this morning and he put our minds at ease, telling us it is purely a rumor, a bit of fiction.

With Google out of the picture, I guess the real question is who exactly would Valve like to buy them.

Besides valve is doing great on its own and if they are willing to be bought than it has to be a bigger name than valve itself and not google who don't even know the abc of games

and for those who don't know what valve is better visit their website

and for other games besides counter Strike.......

First >>> Counter Strike is not a game but a mod (modification for n00bs) built on the Half Life engine like many others which includes DoD (Day of Defeat)

in the same manner Counter Strike Source and Day of Defeat Source are mods built on the source engine introduced with Half Life 2

Second>>> There are hundreds of other games one can buy and play using Steam most of which are developed by Valve

here is a list of some the games and mods developed by valve while the list of games available through steam is in hundreds only few of them are valve's own

Team Fortress 2


Half-Life: Source

Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Opposing Force


It is a rumor! But I do not believe that you need to know stuff about games only to make an investment.

if EA buys valve then we're screwed. no more easy piracy! :D

i hate valve, they made playing HL2 so damn difficult that i just quit trying