Google To Acquire Skype (Rumour)

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Every so often, a rumor starts going around that Google will be purchasing Skype. That rumor is back in action again today; as usual, Skype has refused to comment on the rumor. Others are happy to speculate about it, though, and there have been some interesting arguments provided as to why it’s an acquisition that makes sense for the VoIP industry. The short summation of those arguments is that Skype has the potential to lead the VoIP industry, having been a central player in computer voice communications for years, but that it needs to turn a bigger profit in order to stay in business. An acquisition by Google would give Skype the potential to earn ad-based revenue and start making some real money. For its part, Skype has outlasted a lot of rumors about its demise, including a recent surge in traffic after predictions that the company would disappear in 2008.



free calls to landline maybe if this deal does go through

They're probably going to integrate Skype with their GrandCentral service.

The thing I like about Google is their stuff is always free, and of very good quality. Thats an unbeatable combination! :)

Grandcentral will cost 15$/month or /year to keep...right now its closed beta..

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Grandcentral will cost 15$/month or /year to keep…right now its closed beta…

Almost everything from Google is in Beta! :lol: Probably to justify the continued tinkering and adjustments…

But its not “closed” beta - only open to US users though so for us it is.

The beta, or not-for-public consumption term also has legal implications when its comes to liabilities, royalties etc.....

This is why "Google News" was beta for a very very long time.