Google Search Bot Check Error

I am getting the following error while searching on Google, right since the ISPs restored access to the recent banned websites.

"Sorry... but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now."

And as well they put the captcha verification on the page to check if I am a human to continue on....

Also since that time I feel often a delay in the response from Google after hitting the "Search" button. And it just works fine if Iclick the "Search" button once again or twice..

I just noticed these things on Wateen. However it works just fine as normal on World Call..

Has any one else faced such an issue....?

It happened to me too (on PTCL Vfone) a few months ago, but then it stopped. It's really annoying. I'm gonna temporarily switch to Bing if it happens again. I think Google takes some time to sort out the issues.

i had same issue

but not occured once since i am using address

try it.

Few days back I contacted Wateen for this issue but they were telling that some upgradation work is going on and sooner all problems will be solved. Don't know when that day will come.