Google Play Store not accessible

Is anyone else having this issue? Google Play shows "no connection" and to retry while the internet is working fine otherwise. This has been happening since the past few days on two different connections of PTCL DSL in Islamabad/Rawalpindi area. Also checked on different mobile phones so it is definitely a PTCL issue.

Please confirm.

Working fine here in khi

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It did nag me a few times today, but I simply rebooted the router manually by plugging it off directly from the main power source, then plugged it in few minutes later. Haven't seen the problem resurface ever since.

This has been happening because of PTCL's DNS server, it is blocking or doing something due to which one is not able to reach Google Play/Google Mobile images etc.

Change the DNS in your router to that of Google i.e. OR change in your device's Wifi settings by modifying it. This should solve the issue.

I am facing the same problem since a week now. @Joker can u elaborate on how to do this DNS changing thing?

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I am facing the same problem since a week now. @Joker can u elaborate on how to do this DNS changing thing?


I recommend changing DNS from the modem so that every user on your network will be able to access it. No need to configure every single device in this case. For PTCL modems, the configuration should be under 'Advanced Setup > DNS' once you login to the Modem settings; then give as Primary/Secondary Statis DNS, save settings.

Individual device can be set the following method:

- Settings > Wifi > Hold the Wifi connection you use

- A new dialogue appears, click 'Modify Network'

- Check 'Show advanced options'

- Scroll down and select 'Static' instead of 'DHCP' under IP settings

- Scroll down until you see DNS 1/DNS 2 (Primary/Secondary) then type for one and for the other.

- Save

- Turn off Wifi then turn back ON

- Check Google Play

(Verify by following the steps again to make sure that the Static IP options has remained with the DNS settings you gave)

I still get "No connection" sometimes even after changing DNS but after selecting Retry a few times, it starts working so all is good.

i am also having this issue and this what @PTCLCares has to say on their twitter account