Google merchant account for Pakistani android developers


So I'm a new android developer with big ideas and a lot of passion to make the next world famous app :D lol.. anyways... I got all the info but the point where I got stuck is when I completed the signup process for Google Developer's account... it charged $25 from my MasterCard but it won't allow me to make Google Merchant account BECAUSE I'm from Pakistan.. that sucks.. that mean:

1- I can only publish free apps on Play Store

2- I can NOT publish paid apps or apps with in-app-purchases i.e. I cannot make real money..

Anyways, I did some research that I can link the Merchant account of SOMEONE else risiding in a country where Google allows them to make a merchant account.... is it possible?

Any better idea than this? Any help at all would be really helpful



I like how you start your posts after doing "research"


[quote=“attock, post:2, topic:21461”]

I like how you start your posts after doing "research"



Is that sarcasm I sense here Hmmm? :D

PS, I do what I can man..