Google maps for mobile version 2.3.1

i updated google maps for mobile to latest vesion 2..3.2. My location feature is not working. it says this feature is not supported for my device. While in the previous version(2.3.1 or 2.3.0), it was all fine. i want to get the older version.

where to get it? i googled but couldn't find one.


Contains 3 version of 2.3.2 and 3 versions of 2.3.1 you can try all of them...

Also get help about your issue online as I guess even 2.3.1 would have the same issue after switching from 2.3.2, as this feature is device dependent on some of Java Enabled devices.

Series 60 devices are having it if installed with S60 version of Google Maps (sisx)

Yeah u r right, the problem exists even after switching to 2.3.1

Dam boy!! i shouldn't have upgraded it in the first place

I have also one but it work offline.