Google map?

We see the earn from google map, but how much old it is? If you see google map at night, you will not see the night in map.


He probably means how old the imagery is!

kestar, it can vary from place to place. But for most parts, the imagery is atleast ONE to THREE years old. Its not live!

Even if you use Google maps at night, it doesn't mean you are actually viewing the Earth LIVE from the satellite :) Those images are stored on Google's servers, which are two to three years old, which gets downloaded to your computer.

Well i disagree that it is 2-3 years old.. infact Karachi maps are updated almost yearly.. Infact i can see the construction of the bridge beside my house which actually happened in November 2009..

However there is Google Maps Live i guess.. in which you pay for the feature of getting live imagery.. not certain about this though.

If you view the imagery from google earth application, it shows you the exact date the imagery was taken.

^yes, and for many remote places it shows 2005 at the bottom

There is no descriptive statement by Google Maps that when and on which basis they update the imagery. But mostly they do depending on the requirement and popularity of the places.

You even can request an imagery update for your own area if you show interest to map for your town... given that there has been some new constructions which are not visible on Google's Imagery.

When ever needed they update and push the imagery as newer as less than a week. You would have noticed the imagery (even Hi-Res Imagery) updates at flooded areas.