Google Launches Google+ social networking

Google has come up with an answer to facebook recntly, check it all out here

I reckon it sounds promising and well integrated, I would certainly get using it if everyone switches from Facebook. Facebook is a pain when it comes to useability, that is why I do not use it. FB's web design is as old as Pakistans Heritage. Google plus sounds like a more well rounded user friendly option, also considering the fact that Gplus will have deep integration within Andriod as well. Sounds exiting I believe, lets hope google plays it well this time.

Still waiting to get invited for this service however, lets hope this wait ends soon.

Hmm... lately, google has been trying to get itself into almost everything, i wonder if we'll shortly be seeing a google porntube. :P

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Today, Google announced its decisive entry into the world of social networks by introducing Google+, a social network tied around Google services. Its aim is to be different from other networks with emphasis on privacy and a different kind of social networking. Instead of connecting with your friends, Google+ aims to center connections around specific groups—colleagues, projects, or groups of friends—with the ability to use high-quality video chats and a unique and rich web-based user experience. It is currently in beta with opt-in invites.

Anybody got invites? Its so simple

Anyone got invites ? Please do share, if yes :)

Invite me if someone cares :P

I guess nobody got invites until yet, at least nobody form PK.



As much as I hate to say this, this is exactly what I want. Specially with uncles, aunts and grandparents joining facebook nowadays, it's gotten too mainstream.

By the looks of things none of you have invitations and hence it is pointless to ask for one here. Instead sign up for one on this website - Unfortunately there are not many invites just yet. Should happen soon though, I remember that's how gmail started.. Hopefully it will beat fakebooks

Not interested...

Facebook = bad usability or bad design? You must be kidding me. Whether or not you like it, their UI is very usable and they have usability experts on it. One of the reasons google managed to mimic the interface a bit, too.

Nice initiative by Google and it's not really just facebook here. It's social sharing done right (so it appears from demos). We'll know better once they have more widespread invitations.

It's very similar to Facebook, and while I quite like it, its success depends on if the common masses quit Facebook and join it, which I don't see happening.

I like the Google+ UI though. Very pretty and usable, though again very similar to Facebook in many areas.

Facebook's usability really sucks at times. Like I had to dig around a lot just to create a new page. There's no visible button or link to create a new page.

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Not interested…


you are the guy with few extra buttons to click on in this forum, i am pretty sure some other members with extra invites would send some your way as people in power gets lots of laddoo and tahaef from their reaan’yaan’(members) since you are not interested then why waste it kindly send one invitation to me… thanks in advance my king!

wahoo I got Invitation on google +

He sent me on twitter

^Awesome. They were handing them out on reddit as well but I missed it by an hour, Google only enabled invites for a couple of hours. If it's enabled again, please send me one at:


^ I'll send you one when I have it.

Send me one as well please...After all I am the OP :P


Crap! My post vanished :/

Gonna have to type it again.

I do have access to + (in fact, I'm still evaluating its usage) and have had access since day 1 (I have contacts...).

Thing is - I do have invites (there's a workaround to send invites, from what I've read - I haven't tried it) and you guys would be the perfect candidate - but I'm unwilling to give out my email address (cause that'll reveal my identity). So far, i see two email addresses in this thread - and the instant I figure out a way to invite you w/o revealing my identity, I'll do it.

Please don't set up a backlog of email addresses - I can't invite everyone.

Oh - and I've read that Google accepts a certain number of invite links in an hour. If it doesn't work for you, DON'T trash the invite - try in another hour. Meanwhile, you can try your luck in other websites and see if your luck works there.

Go bug Badar for an invite. :D

This thing isn't working, i have been invited several times, but got no mail, can't see +you.