Google chromecast or Apple TV

Does any one using Google chromecast , Apple TV or Roku ? which one is better considering Pakistan!! Does all the streaming channels works easily with a 4MB PTCL broadband connection ? or majority of them are just for US region ?

Or would u suggest an Android mini PC or an android box of any unknown brand ?

Suggest me the best option or any alternatives which you think would be more suitable for Pakistan .

none of them will work for you here in Pakistan because 80% stuff on roku and Apple tv is viewable with USA ip only...

get a cheap dual core Android hdmi stick you can do so much customization with full control

stable 4mbps can stream 420p SD videos only anything above will give you streaming lags

Buy raspberry Pi and run xbmc on it it's really good and play 720p 1080p ;) it's really cheap 50$$

where is rasberry pi avaialble ? i am running XBMC on my PC and i think xbmc is avaialble on android as well (unable to run it on my android tablet probably something to do with the tablet )and the android mini stick is dual core or quad core and probably more powerful than the rasberry pi and less in price