Google Chrome: Runs Multiple .exe Processes

I didn't really pay any attention, until by chance, I was

looking into the taskbar and saw I had a whole swarm

of "chrome.exe" running. Here is a snapshot, when I

had four tabs open in chrome. One tab had flash objects

(no video was running though).


It amounts to ~423K of RAM, combined, for Chrome.

We like to bash FF for consuming RAM, but it takes

dozens of tabs and flash to get it anywhere close to

what Chrome eats up, behind our back.

Here is a thread on Chrome forums, where people

are discussing this phenomenon.

Sheikh '2 Good 2B True' Chilli

The memory usage isn't really higher for Chrome. And the usual complain for Firefox wasn't high memory usage to begin with - it was high memory usage over time due to memory leaks. They (mozilla) have patched most such issues over time though.

about:memory will give you more info in chrome.

P.S. Chrome architecture is such by design. It's to prevent the whole browser from dying if a tab crashes. And flash is a process on its own - you can check that in the Task Manager of Chrome (Tools -> Task Manager).

Chrome doesn't eat that much memory :huh: at least not for me.

Multiple processes are by design and not a fault. It is mentioned on Chrome forums that his is done to protect other open pages just in case any one of hem crashes.'s by design.

Overall I find it uses much less than Firefox 3.x used to.

There is a very good comic published by Google that details the design philosophy behind the Chrome browser.

You can check it out here:

Well, i don't get either of those problems. All hail Opera! :P

I think multiple exe is the main reason for chrome stability. I use FF occasionally and chrome is way faster than it

I think Flash is the culprit here. I have noticed Flash content really taxing the RAM and CPU sometimes.

I am currently on Firefox 8 tabs open and its using 233MB RAM with one .exe process.