Google Chrome problems. Please help

Problem 1:

* I am unable to integrate Internet Download Manager (Ver. 5.19 Build 4) into Google Chrome, even though I have selected 'Use Advanced Browser Integration' in the Options menu.

*I can't get the Download plugin to work for Youtube and other websites.

*And there is no IDM context menu in Chrome. I also have Internet Explorer installed, and IDM works just fine for IE.

Problem 2:

Lately I realized that whenever i click on a topic on following happens. (image attached)

I was also facing some problems with chrome in the evening. Whenever I try to open facebook it start downloading the page. IDM integration was also not working.

I have solved my problem with this steps:

Unistall it completely.

Restart your machine.

Go to and download the latest chrome.

Now install it and integrate IDM in it.

@Imran: I installed it again, problem 2 was solved. But IDM integration with Chrome is still not working.

uninstall IDM and install it again as you did with Chrome. It will get integrated.

Still not working... :(

Advance integration is checked?

May be you should download the latest version of IDM. Uncracked. See if it works with it and then try finding crack.

Use the latest beta. Works 100% perfectly with the latest chrome version. Crack available on iptorrents for the latest beta.

Plz help about google chrome.

its often slow by using gradually.

plz tell me its solution