Google Chrome Extensions

For those who use Google Chrome as your browser, what extensions do you use?

Add to Boxee for Chrome

GoogleMail Checker Plus

Auto HD for YouTube

Chrome SEO

Chrome Sniffer

Easy Youtube Video Downloader

Eye Dropper

Foxish live RSS


Google Chrome to Phone Extension

HTTP Headers

Image Properties Context Menu


Neat Bookmarks

Yet Another Drag and Go

Most are web developer related.

none of above but will c if any1 i can use,

Firebug light


Google Translator


LastPass (cannot live without this)

Xmarks bookmarks Synchronizer

^what does the "last pass" do?

I've been using two of above mentioned

1. google translator

2. youtube video downloader

FB Chat Sidebar Disabler

disable new sidebar chat and return to old

Lastpass keeps all your usernames and password in a secure place in the cloud. So you do not have to remember your passwords...just need to know one password and that is for lasspass...look it up...once you get used to it you wonder how you did without it.

I'm using FB Chat bar Disabler

google dictionary,

stumbleupon, though it was better in firefox

lastpass, personally recommend it if some1 not using any other password manager


youtube lyrics, though its capability is limited but still lyk it

google related,

docs/pdf viewer,

Here is a list of Chrome Extensions that I use daily for various purposes:


SmoothGestures (Excellent mouse gesture support: Use your mouse movements to close tabs, open links, etc)

StayFocused (Blocks access to time-wasting sites like Facebook, Youtube for set periods of time, so you can focus on your work :) )

Google Dictionary (Very useful: Double click any word on a webpage and it immediately brings up its definition in a small box)

Basic Calculator (Installs a calculator icon next to the address bar, which you can click and bring up a very useful and good-looking calculator immediately)

HandyGoogle Shortcuts (Installs an icon next to the address bar, which when clicked, brings up a complete list of shortcuts to the whole of Google Services like Adsense, Adwords, Youtube, etc)

Developer Tools:

Pendule (Excellent collection of Graphic Designer and Web Developer Friendly tools)

Firebug (Again, great collection of tools for web development. Allows inspect, edit and monitor CSS, HTML, JavaScript and Net requests in any web page.

WebDeveloper (Name is self-explanatory. Another good collection)

Webpage Screenshot (Excellent webpage image capture utility. Can take snapshot of visible area or the whole long page by auto scrolling. Basic editing tools [crop, textbox, etc] also included)

SEO Tools:


PageRank Detector

SEO site tools

Youtube Specific tools:

Magic Actions for Youtube (Manage Autoplay, replay, volume control via mouse wheel, cinem-mode, etc)

StopAutoPlayforYoutube (YouTube autoplay is annoying when you open a lot of pages at a time, this stops them from autoplaing, BUT pre-buffers all video so you can watch with ease, Excellent especially for slow networks)

Hope this helps!!!

I use Chrome Toolbox, iReader, EmptyNewTab,Send page by email and SmoothScroll.

I use:


Blog This!


Chrome Sniffer (One of my favourites)


Proxy Switchy

Session Manager

Turn Off the Lights


Youtube repeat

I normally try to avoid extensions but here's what I have:


Better Facebook

Chrome to Phone


History Calendar

Read it Later

SoundCloud Downloader

Speed Dial


Beware of using too many extensions as it slows down the browser. Each extension can use somewhere between 5-15 MB of your memory. Something to keep in mind if you have less RAM.

Read it Later


Go to IMDB

Google dictionary

HidemyAss proxifier

Too many cooks spoil the broth. I tend to keep my browsers light weight. Just adblock for me :P

Firebug light


SMSnetwork for Chrome

For send my sms frome all webb place am are with :)