GoodBye to

If I cannot ask a general question in the general section, then i simply fail to understand the rules here. better quit.

Good Bye to all the members.

If anyone is ever hurt or got offended by any of my statement here, I ask for sincere apologies.

Good luck W.P. and all the members.

hey email me.

Well, it's called dictatorship. Get used to it and enjoy. It's the next thing in Pakistan :P

Awww.... Please don't leave.

I remember creating a thread like this, and then seeing it get closed... i was such a drama-queen back then. :D

Anyways, @IconSourcing Listen "Dear", In this forum you gotta be tougher than that, so either man up or just leave like a kid.

lol nice play with "Dear".. i think that should answer the previous question...