Good website/Catalog "online" for Lcd Furniture Designs

I want a cabinet for an LCD TV and need ideas for it...

went to the local market but did not find anything to my licking....

My carpenter has shown me some designs as well but nothing impressive...

any recommendations/ suggestions for some good furniture websites (LCD DESIGNS)



^Why cabinet, why not wall mount..?

LCD designed to be stick on wall not for cabinets :wacko:

Good thread highway. In fact Ive looked online for some great lcd stand/cabinet as well. All we cud find were the glass ones. Otherwise there were imported cabinets for 50k+ .. for which another lcd cud be bought.

I reckon Lcds are not meant to be wall at home mounted because you need proper cable fixtures for that otherwise it looks ugly... cabinets can also accommodate the extra pheriperals as well. and search there


Cabnit for LCD..... Dont u think LCD should be hanged..... Oops I mean mount..... I am not cruel,,, I will never hang my LCD..

Furniture is about shopping list, again. While people are still careful with their money, the markets for new parts which can be a piece of signed road. In other words, they choose furniture that bridge the gap between what are now and what they want in the future.