Good, Professional Dentists in Karachi

Which dentist would you recommend and how much do they charge relative to others?

and I don't mean the dime-a-dozen so-called "clinics" apparently just about everyone can set up at a residential corner these days :rolleyes:

well if u go to a dentist who is in defence, clifton and has ac clinic then obviously he is gonna cost more,,

instead try to find a foreign qualified dentist in nice areas like tariq road who has a good average cost...

their cost do vary,,as u go to areas like gulshan, north nazimabad...the cost go down even further.

i personally know a dentist who rates are 35% to 45% above the market rate...his work is good but why ahould anybody pay more.

this is asuming that u r in karachi,,,although i would imagine all the other cities have dentists with a similar theme

go to the Altamash Dental Institute in Clifton, you can get the same treatment within the teaching hospital or you can have the same doctors operate on you within their 'vip' offices.

Where is Altmash. Is it In Phase 6 Behind bank Near KFC

Altamash is in Punjab Colony, 5 minutes drive from Defence Central Library

Thanks! Altamash sounds great

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Thanks! Altamash sounds great

It is not sound great but actually is great.