Good post on the decline of Symbian

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As of today, I will no longer be updating, and will be purchasing an Android-powered smartphone – my new Nexus One should arrive tomorrow. I've been a Nokia fanboy since 1999, and a Symbian fanboy since I got my Nokia 6620 in summer of 2004. Since then, I've personally owned 10+ different Symbian-powered smartphones, and have reviewed nearly every Symbian-powered smartphone that's been released in the past 3 years or so. I've tried to use all of Nokia's various products and services to the best of my ability, and I just can't do it anymore.

I can't continue to support a manufacturer who puts out such craptastic 'flagships' as the N97, and who expects me to use services that even most of Nokia's own employees don't use. I also can't continue to support a mobile operating system platform that continually buries itself into oblivion by focusing on 'openness' while keeping a blind eye towards the obvious improvements that other open platforms have had for several iterations.


And it goes on... Symbian and Nokia pretty much died for me the first time I used an iPhone. Now, I'm just waiting for Android phones to get cheaper... Nokia is dead, and good riddance!

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To Nokia, you guys are losing. Hard. Wake the hell up. Doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting different results is the definition of insanity. I've been a huge Nokia fan since my 2nd cellphone, and I just can't do it any longer. You guys aren't competing like you once were, and everyone but you seems to see that. You used to build the world's best smartphones, the world's best cameras, the world's best GPS units – you've lost pretty much all of that, and with nothing to show for it. You unveiled your Ovi vision over 2 years ago – I was there. Today, it's still a complete mess. I have to log in every single time I visit the site – regardless of how many times I check the 'remember me' box. I spent 6 months (and about 3 hours at Nokia World 2009) trying to find someone to help me with Ovi Contacts on the web – no one knew who to point me to. You spent millions of dollars purchasing your Ovi pieces – Ovi Files, Ovi Share, and a host of other little companies – are you proud of what you 'built' with them? Most of your own employees (that I've talked to) don't even use them, so why should I?

Highlighted that bit, cause I alway's found all the Ovi apps horrible. The big difference between the dinosaur phone companies like Nokia and the Apples and Googles seems to be that the new ones actually use the stuff they make. The Nokia team probably has corporate email locked down on their phones and probably thats all they do.

^ Ovi stuff is crap. Never could make usage sense of any of it.

now i too have exactly same feelings ......

c'mon Nokia.. grow up yar...

^ I never liked Nokia, they always built, sh!t-looking, bulky, fat, slow, stupid phones. And now that they have improved a bit, its too late, the other giants are way ahead.

But nonetheless, i dont expect nokia to get in trouble anytime soon, because they've got alot of fanboys. as long as Nokia keeps getting alot of money in there pocket, i dont see why they'll do any major improvements.

huh!.. the guy behind symbian-guru is quite true about the facts what KO quoted above. I didn't read any thing else on the site He detailed, that was a lot, but just saw the pic he posted in


That scared me again. I hate this prompt. Any ways. This is a kind of inherited disease which seems still not been fixed.

But the guy is true that Nokia is loosing it now. I would defend Nokia a bit here by saying the same that Nokia is loosing it now, means Nokia was good enough for their fan boys and for the mobile enthusiasts until other quality devices were founded like iPhone and Androids.

I also say the same and I did only not update my self with any Nokia phone after I have used the iPhone. However I did use almost all the devices for testing and comparing e.g. E75, E52, 5800, 5530, N97, N900. I did like the phones seriously but they never let me think to buy any of them. I was just looking for some thing in them that could impress me as lot as iPhone did. I also didn't like most of the things with iPhone as well but the Phone itself is good enough to be liked.

On the other side Ovi Store, to me from the first day, was nothing more than a little support making the platform just like the Apple App Store. I did imagine if it could make it boost their market a bit more but in real with Nokia, Ovi is just not about to be a key player in the platform because the Symbian apps are are open to be installed and any one can get any of the app from around the web rather than only from Ovi store. The user can Install any thing right from the PC or from within the Phone itself with a Symbian Installer Package of the application then why a user should move on to Ovi to get a very limited range of apps over there.

I would really not wish bad for Nokia, instead I would wish them best of luck and come up with a device which users really want to spend money for.

One more thing is that Nokia never made a perfect phone, there was always something missing in their phones. My 1st phone 6600 was hell of a slow phone. 2nd 6630 had a good camera and keypad but didnt had FM. 5800 camera sux big time and touchscreen is definitely not for those who text a lot. Current E52 keypad's is very hard and besides is 600 MHz ARM processor they forgot to install a GPU. The point is they never made a phone that is perfect or at least closer to it beside they do have all those features scattered among different phones. N95 had a brilliant camera, E63 got a good qwerty keypad and battery life, 5800 was my best ever music phone and GPS device but they they never tried a phone having all the good features in one place.

Nokia is not going to die even what you say, the upcoming platform MeeGo is the future of Nokia in high end segment.

^ I said that already, people like you are its Guardian Angels. :P

Symbian still has quite a lot of marketshare in emerging markets. I too am waiting for an affordable Android phone with at least an HVGA resolution (320x480) but till now I've been out of luck. Android phones start somewhere near Rs.20,000 with the smallest screens and QVGA resolution (most Android apps do not support QVGA). Then there's the whole fragmentation issue.

Nokia just sat on it's ass and let other companies progress. Symbian^3 might be too little, too late. The other thing that really sucks about Symbian is that it isn't upgradable. If I buy any Nokia device right now or in say a year, chances are it'll be completely outdated the next (Symbian^4 is coming to replace Symbian^3 as well). For Android, a lot of companies upgrade their OSes but for the ones who don't there are always unofficial ROMs or whatever they are.

Cheaper Android phones should come out soon: Google Looks to Emerging Markets for Android's Growth:

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The company also aims to put its Android system on lower-priced phones made by Huawei and LG in parts of Asia and Europe, where it is taking on Nokia, the mobile market leader.

"The down-market opportunity is about to happen," Mr. Rubin said. "It's actually quite a revolution."

...Smaller Chinese manufacturers, which account for about 10 percent of the global supply of mobile phones, are also adopting Android, seeking to gain market share with lower-priced devices.


Gotta love the Chinese manufacturers - some of the Chinese phones available in pk for a few thousand rs. are really impressive - they have large touch screens, multi-task, memory - everything except a decent OS! Sure the hardware quality is often shitty compared to Nokia and co. but they still last. Some of the Chinese phones even have decent CPU's, it's just that it seems that the OS gets written by underpaid garment sewers during their 15 minute lunchbreak..

my, how the mighty have fallen

Well good news for you guys:

the N8 will be the last phone released running symbian s^3. I'm not sure about symbian s^4, but nokia is finally moving to a new OS, the Meego (based on linux), which was co developed by Intel. Looking at some early screens of Meego, it seems to be shaping along nicely and might give android and iOS some good competition.

When some thing is not really meant to do a specific thing, then I'll really not blame it.

Symbian OS was never designed to help Touch Input (as the newer phones are working). Currently the devices with Symbian having Touch Screens are just thrown in market for people who were getting towards the Touch facility in newer handsets. So that, I think, Nokia had to put some thing similar with the existing OS they have, to keep them selves in the market.. While they were working on newer Operating Systems specifically for Touch Screens as well.

[symbian + Touch Screen] would never get attraction unless the Core Design and GUI of the Symbian is changed completely to facilitate with Touch Input.

Simply they need a new OS developed/designed specifically for Touch Input as it should work exactly as it have to... Which they are trying to get one. Wish... they will get it soon.

@v9s: N8 will be the last phone in Nseries running Symbian^3. They're going with MeeGo for their high-end series and Symbian for rest of the series like C, E, X etc.

Huawei made S7 Tablet with Android that's pretty good. On the other hand Kyocera made a crappy Android phone few months ago. I don't expect good Chinese manufacturers to sell their devices much cheaper than other well-known manufacturers. And you never know if they'll support your device later on when a newer version of Android is out.

LG showcased Optimus One and Chic entry-level Android 2.2 phones. Though they haven't revealed the specs or price, they look good.

Just used one of my friend's Nokia N900 and it really is good. Forget Symbian OS for Touchscreen.

N900 doesn't use Symbian nor Symbian ^3 FYI - they use Maemo.

And while the screenshots and all seemed nice back then, I'm still not sure whether Nokia's doing the right thing in trying to build a survival phone. Something tells me that they don't have that "bleeding edge" that other companies have managed to develop.

I mean - look at HTC - they actually make Windows Mobile usable! If they can do that with Windows Mobile, then I wonder what they can do with Symbian.

And Samsung's come up with their Bada OS - seems interesting, but the lack of apps and devices makes it a bit unattractive for now.

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I mean - look at HTC - they actually make Windows Mobile usable! If they can do that with Windows Mobile, then I wonder what they can do with Symbian.

Windows Mobile was initially lied down under the touchscreen. The user interface was already good with the Touch Input. They just needed to improve the things and the hardware to be competitive with newly touch devices.

Whereas Symbian’s user interaction is based mostly on forms and the Quick Navigation keys. They work good truly but with the traditional keypad, infact I loved the User Interface ever Nokia provided with Symbian. But now frankly speaking, it’s not good to work with Touch Input. Making required changes in the OS might be possible but it doesn’t worth to make it usable at a level where the Users would love using it under the Touch Screens, because then it will seriously not be usable with the devices which are sensibly to work with Symbian or any other Platform which requires traditional input interface with keypads.

And on the top of that, making changes in the platform would be a harder job than to make new one specifically for Touch Interfaces.

Alright. Bad example :P but what I mean to say is that Nokia's stagnated. Symbian was "in" back in the days, but they haven't remained contemporary (a.k.a. paid attention to competition)

^ Ah... that's true. but it's real life business. every man gets ups and downs in the business you know. May be, should take it that way.

I wish they could come up with an attractive handset which you would really call it a competitive one.

Recently Got a Job for Symbian Application development . ( mobile Client for web service and stocks etc )

Its 7 days and still i m so far from even a straight work app.

ON Pocket PC i did this less then 1 hour .

As programing , Nothing easy as Windows Phone , On usage nothing better then Iphone , Android .

Symbian got nothing now