Good Mobile Repair Shop in Lahore/ISB able to repair Lumia 720

As I inserted a micro-sim (cut from mini-sim), it got a bit stuck and when i forced it out, the sim connections inside broke in my Lumia 720. The phone is not in warranty. Took it to local repair shops and they said sim modules/jacket for micro-sim are not available yet. I believe if i take it to nokia care, they will probably not repair it saying it was tried by non-nokia repair men and replacement could be extremely expensive.

Any good skilled repair shops where I can try saving my Lumia 720 through reasonably priced repairs ? This requires a bit hands-on electronic work and good understanding of dos and donts of it.

Looking forward to your help


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Find out what component is needed and search for it on ebay. Ask the repair guys if they can solder it for you if you provide the module.

Might be you need this: but check with the repair guys.

Find any Advance Telecom warranty claim centers and ask them. I replaced a couple of screens and touch sensors through them for Lumia.

some helpful tips

How to repair broken sim jacket without full jacket changing...wmv

Thanks all, the phone isn't in warranty anymore so I was just looking for cheap repairs. As Microsoft would probably not repair it saying it has been tried by market repairs.

Had it done through Nokia Care, took 2500 Rs to do so

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