Good inverter

Salam, i want to buy a new inverter for my home, because of electricity issues, so does anyone know a good brand?

try APC brand UPS instead of inverter … check out this site

Depends on your needs.

If you are in a major city (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad) consider Systek which I have used for many years in four family homes and is much better than APC (which I have also used in two homes) in terms of performance and battery life. It is properly designed and made in Pakistan to suit local requirements/conditions, whereas APC is designed for brief outage only to shutdown computers properly.


Use Inverex solar Inverter, it comes with different capacity. Here is it’s website link:

Homage Inverters.

There are many versions in the homage inverter.
homage Modified sinwave inverters have efficiency upto 75%.
There are multilevel inverters available as well which is nearly pure sinusoidal, its efficiency is over 90% but they are costly. You can recover the cost with the passage of some time. It can be cheaper depends upon how much you would use UPS and for how long you intend to use.

Depends Upon Your Budget