Good headphone with good mic


Can any one suggest good headphone with good mic for laptop. i have used A4tech, Sony and Chinese. But all begin to create static in voice recording after 2-3 months of usage.

My budget is Rs. 1000/- , but it can be increased little bit.

A reference to a reliable seller in Lahore would be highly regarded.

I am using A4Tech (HU-111) and its good. You can also check out Logitech products. Get something that is USB based.

buy Astro A30/A40

Bump. Are there any new recommendations based on earpiece and mic voice quality, durability and comfort? Looking for Rs.1300 or under.

get a separate headphone and a separate mic if voice quality is very important to you..

I bought an A4Tech Hs-5P a couple months back, working fine so far. Sound is okay, mic works as well, can't complain. Rs.680 from Computerzone.

has anyone here ever used JBL audio how good is it ?

Get Audonic Studio 4. One of the best in the market. You will get them in around 650-750rs. I have used them personally since past 2 years n they didnt not break down. They are also the most comfortable ones in the market. You will easily get them from Hafeez Center.

Logitech Stereo Headset H110

I am using audionic headphone with the best quality sound.

i think a4tech is much better the audionic