Good Driving Schools in Karachi

As the topic says,i m searching for driving schools where i can learn to drive a car.

Due to circumstances,i don't have a choice other than learning from some school,so guys i need your help.Share your experiences,good or bad,so i don't fall prey to money-minters.I live in Karachi,Nazimabad no.2 ,so probably need to find schools in proximity and adjacent areas.

I need to learn urgently and have few days to do it.Anyone who knows good or bad institutes,share your experiences.Also tell how much they charge.Thanks

Search in liyari......

Theres no schools in Pakistan for learn driving but some private organizations do! I'll suggest you post a ad in your local daily papers and hope you'll soon contact by someone

They all rip you off, simple as that. I know someone who went to the Hassan Driving School, they charged a hefty amount for each lesson and yet that person did not achieve that confidence after taking lessons for a month I guess.

Just have some courage and a mans heart, drive by yourself (Under any drivers supervision for sometime). In a week or so you would feel like you've been driving all your life. Even I can do a one day coaching lesson if you do not even know the ABC's of driving a car.

That is how I learnt a couple of years back. The only advantage for me was that a faithful friend allowed me to test on his car :D

Depends, really. Don't go those one man show type driving schools. They are swindlers and rip you off. I learnt driving from Clifton Motor Driving Institute and thats only because my bro wouldn't let me touch his car until I was trained. :D. I think it was worth every penny. The guy was very nice and even gave me some time extra (in each lesson) to gather up confidence. The guy's name was Shakeel. I highly recommend him.


I do know ABC of driving but i need some confidence.Sometimes i do feel like driving by myself but due to unavailability,can't find someone who can supervise.


does this institute has any branch in areas like Nazimabad or adjacent area.It wouldn't suit me to go to clifton to learn.