Golden tips how to control HOT TEMPER

Golden tips how to control HOT TEMPER

I want to share and spread my knowledge to maximum numbers of readers no matter belongs to Muslim or Non-Muslim Believers and learn how to control over HOT TEMPER.

Golden quotes from Prophet Mohd (PBUH ), Hazrat Imam ALI AS, other so every one check if they have bad habit of hot temper than follow and adopt the below quotes golden words to get rid of hot temper forever.

A strong man is not a good wrestler; the strong man is only who control himself from when he is angry ( Prophet Mohd (PBUH)

Strength does not lies carrying heavy weight. Camels can do that. Strength lies in controlling your temper ( Hazrat Imam ALI AS)

Others quotes

Beware of anger, for its beginning is madness and its end is regret

The strongest of men is he who can overcome his anger with his patience

Anger is a difficult emotion to control. That is why one of the signs of a strong character is the ability to control anger and remain patient.

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