GoDaddy domain redirects to some weird broken ad site

I just set up a domain on Godaddy that I was previously hosting at Hostgator. This domain was registered with Godaddy so it automatically transferred A records and nameservers once I got their plan and selected this domain to be hosted there. The strange thing is:

-Typing the exact IP address of my account leads to a generic "under construction" page;

-Typing the domain name leads me to either a broken ad site (my site's title, no content except a photo, and a link to some ad company's privacy policy but scripts and Double Click cookies) in Firefox or a blank white page in Chrome.

-Using a connection other than PTCL evo does not trigger this problem

Any ideas what's causing it and how to fix it? My computer is virus-free.

maybe there is a malware on your computer try some other pc or laptop.


contact godaddy support.