Gmail doesn't recognize dots as characters within usernames?

What? Is this true?





Sheikh 'Tried It' Chilli

Yes. Mostly, I suppose, it helps with typos. Misplaced dots in names can be easy, and email addresses without dots are confusing.

Yeah it's a pretty old policy of GMail. I remember getting emails from a group of friends especially that one girl who works in Askari bank. They were or may be still studying like doing MBA from some university and would send emails including me. Probably they have a friend by same name and they would send email at address without . (dot) while my email has a . (dot) in between so I received those emails haha

Example of some emails would be like

"yaar woh assignement bana lia???"

"What ques were we supposed to submit to Costing wala Sir last week?"

"have you done tomorrow's quiz preparation?"