ok for all of u who just at the first word of shoping sugests should think again.. their shop is small as anything... plus they are looters.. i said them tht i have other qutations (never mind the splngs) but still he wrote prices wrong in some places geting profit as high as 1000R.s!! DAMN!! for example.. xfx 680ilt is for 9000 in their store and i got 8000 from some other.. HA! ..digistar.. hmm my fathers only choice.. being geting things from there for sooo long.. and btw hussan who the hell broke into my franchise... what is this Kasur city.. i can nuke it just sleeping!!! its not even a spek on my hand! btw i have visited it soo many times and their fluda and fish is just soooo tasty..yumy but all kasuris a bakward minded and extremely kanjoss, sheikh chili... so Digistar.. now let me tell u guys.. the owner the old man or sir i should say him will never give u any sort of concession.. i remeber the day my friend wanted a dvd combo and i as usual went to digistar and he said for example 100 r.s and the store just next to it said 50.. so i dnt really like tht man plus he is one extreme JUWARI :) my father knows. but his son is an extremely good guy.. i like him.. but when i bought my first p.c it was disater cuz for like 500 R.s of difference i got bad tings cuz of tht molvi sir.. but not now.. guys i am gona sell this p.c i am writing from.. and have to ask about some stuff too so plz be patient and do tell. THANKS IN ADVANCE :) ..

btw they have beards ... the elder sir is juwari even though having a proper beard.. my father knows him and has helpd him from soome really long time but still he doesnt budge from the price he says.. not even 50 R.s but this time i went to his son.. he is really a good guy and he simply said by watching my qutation tht whenever u buy just think of 2 to three thousand discount ofcorse if the price doesnt change... imo 2,3 thousand is goooood enough..and tht on the qutation tht was exceeding only 500 or 600 r.s from sites.. glaxy guys wrote the prices higher than on their website and i am such a fool i thought they update their website everyday and imo they hav put some timer or counter to atract ppl... and oh i saw a big big really big nvidia casing.. man it was double the size of my casing for sure and biger thn asus vento.. bah! i was amazed

so what u suggest how we should check prices on line .. its Pakistan things r not tat USER friendly or customer service oriented .. :) its better to have an idea and then go for some thing ...

yeah thts fine but y do they lie? shophive is the bigest looter and then belicity.. 500GB sata 2 at beli is for like 50k and lol just visit and see the price on glaxy.. u will be shokd.

hmm in that sense ur VERY RIGHT :) .. tats an eye opener for others ... tats one big advantage to go on groundf n compare prices with other shops ...

^ galaxy's prices are too high ..............................its becoming a universal

yes they are high but belicity's are higher.. a 500GB sata2 isnt tht expensive.. not a bit close to 50k !

As far as my research went last year, most of the products I required were either cheaper or of the same rates as the local market. Circumstances change, so the price margins may have surged deliberately.

Thanks for the warning. I will make sure to research again instead of relying on my previous experiences.

ofcourse man.

last year!! lol prices change like anything in a month... asfar as prices are concerned nokia cellphones are only things tht stay the same after a month or drop only a bit in a month or two... rams are something tht do increase someimes but can sum1 tell me the price of 1gb corsair 667?? its1300 on their website and he was charging 1440 for it when i went their! ha! i can get it for 1250 easily from digistar and i am geting 4 :D ..btw any advantages of the fast ones forgot their names they are lke 2 packed in1 some thing for gamers

but i am not into overclocking so isit really important to get those rams cuz i am for my life sticking to value rams.. value rams all the way.