Give ur views about these mobile sets

I m planning to buy a mobile. I am thinking about three models right now. Nokia 3110, 6233 and 6300. Plz give ur kind reviews about these sets like usability and battery time. I will be thankful to u.


6233 should be ur first choice.

very nice speakers

Good battery life

u can change memory card even the set is on.

6300 looks nice but it has nice sorat but not seerat.

very poor battery

u cant change memory card when fone is on.

3110 should be ur very last choice if u dont have enough money.

poor screen

poor battery.

1.3 mp crappy camera.

My brother has a 6233 and it has great speakers. The camera is good too.

6233 all the way , i am currently using it and satisfied :)


One thing remind please//

6233 and 6300 have no streaming support for media player, so Mobile TV may not run on these mobiles.....

Nokia 3110 classic: Speaker not good hearing music thro headset yah its so good, Battery is excellent, Camera is just ok , Best features for this low price.

Nokia 6233: Very good speakers VGA Video, Stereo Speakers, 3G, 240+320 Display,Good Keypad D-Pad, Classic Design

Nokia 6300: Battery sucks , battery backup is not tooo good ,

anyone have idea about best cell phone for mobile tv. except N70, and N73.????

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anyone have idea about best cell phone for mobile tv. except N70, and N73.???

for tv lovers they should go for symbian enabled phones these three sets . nokia 3110, 6233, 6300 are not symbian sets.

Nokia 6120 Classic is a good symbian phone, with a long battery life.

6120 is very nice low price symbian fone. i will too recomend it,

yeah compared to high price sets 6120 is "low price" at 14000+ PKR