Getting rich: You need to start from somewhere

Thanx Armada n Zazzyo.

@ Kamran.

I dont know much about foreign securities.

Plus the foreign currency equivalent of the money I have would be low in amount due to currency rates. N then there would be too many formalities.

This investment is suited for relatively big players.

@ Kamran

But I really appreciate you taking time out to advise. Bundle of thanks.

Blessings to all of you guys who cared to make suggestions.

Nice thought and thankx for advising

Get a job first...

know the scope/requirements of the job/business environment, and after 5-10 years, open your very own company..

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fast food business is a great thing to start i personally know a guy in our region who returned from Denmark and he started Pizza rati in our city and he named it Pizza Hot with through out city delivery now his business is pretty awesome recently he import very expensive car

Start some thing different and unique


is that in sargodha by any chance?

For those who read my second post... I would like to re-state that GOLD IS NOT A GOOD investment unless you invest in hell lots of gold and for an extremely long term. The buying selling costs are different therefore you never make out any profit.

Only the folly would buy Gold NOW as Gold has to go nothing but downwards from what it is at the moment..May be 5-10k more per tollaaaaa but then there is certainly a downfall.

Gold probably will not go down any in the near future as the world might shift from paper currency to gold because of the falling state of US dollar

ok tell me how do you make a living out of it i mean monthly paycheck which pays the bills doing above you people talking about how to have monthly income with all you people have written above.

surely making investing would give periodic profits but thats not good enough since bills have to be paid every month so how to have steady income doing what ya all saying?

^Definition of investment: "A thing that is worth buying because it may be profitable or useful in the future."

Investment is made for future returns not for paying monthly bills of course.