Getting Original PC games in Lahore


As the thread title states, does anyone know of any shop in Lahore that contains original PC games or can do special orders for games besides Galaxy Computers? I know that purchasing online through steam is a choice but i prefer retail games, i do own couple of games on steam (Team Fortress 2, Dawn of War II), but i have a tendency of installing OS quite frequently and its a pain to download the whole game again. Last week i installed DOW II on steam and it took nearly 2 days to complete on my 4 Mbit connection, apparently i can't get more then 150 KB/s download speed on steam no matter what download servers i choose, i have tried Middle East, India, China etc. So please don't suggest steam or placing orders online, i can't get through all the hassle of placing orders online for retail games and i am happily willing someone else to do it for me, does'nt care if he charges me 20-30% more.

Here are the original games i currently own:

1. Street Fighter IV (Retail)

2. Company of heroes - Tales of Valor (Retail)

3. Age of Empires III - Complete Edition (Contains 'The Warchiefs' & 'The Asian Dynasties') expansion pack. (Retail)

4. Team Fortress 2 (Steam)

5. Dawn of War II - (Steam)

6. Dawn of War II - Gold Edition (Retail) This one contains original DoW II & DoW II - Chaos Rising Expansion. Yes i own DoW II twice but i purchased steam edition on weekend deal really cheap.

7. Battlefield 2 Bad Company

anyone have these games and want an online dual with me, do let me know. especially in CoH, i am really good at that game :)

Get them from sources other than steam, for example, and burn them to DVDs. Easy.

P.S. what's your nick in TF2?

You don't need to download all your games again, you can backup your steam collection and save it wherever you want, and restore them whenever you want.

See this article:

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Get them from sources other than steam, for example, and burn them to DVDs. Easy.

P.S. what’s your nick in TF2?


Direct2drive/Steam/ all means digital copies.

Well finally i purchased Starcraft 2 from, now since PTCL have upgraded my connection to 4MB, downloading 7GB isn’t that much problem but i would still have preferred hard copy.

Besides, i have also find out that can ship almost all games to Pakistan for free if the order is above 10USD, however it did’nt have Starcraft 2 Euro edtition so i purchased digital download.

My nick in TF2 is “Angelbane”, i play solely on mbl servers


Thanks for the info but i recently noticed that, i will defintely backup TF2 and BFBC2. Besides, BFBC2 is now only 30 USD on steam. Steam rocks :D


O hi "motay" :P Mohsin here.

Anyways, I recently bought SC2 as well. Still playing campaign though. Would love to play multiplayer with you sometime.

Hi Mohsin, did i ever told you before that i love your solly hat? :P Besides i don't play heavy anymore, usually solly or scout nowadays.

Well, i downloaded starcraft 2 the day it came out so i have already completed the campaign but i will finish on my legal game also latter, for the moment being i am playing Skirmish as zerg to get familliar with them. I am amazed to find out how differently Zerg's play as opposed to Terrans and Protoss.

Last thing i want to say that we can't purchase from direct2drive, is only for USA/Canada and is only for UK.

I want to dual..but how can I?

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