Getting low upstream at 8mb dsl ptcl

AOA guys im new here this is my first post

just did the 8mb dsl package but getting too low upstream nd as well download speed is low :/

one thing more i have confirmed my LL is on fibur optics but using copper vpi 0 vci 103 copper configration nd my net is working fine but need to know will changing the confgration to vpi 8 vci 81 increase the performance???

Here is the Adsl status details Modem TP link TD-w8968

Upstream(1077) Downstream(8192)

Snr(6.3db) snr(30.3)

Attenuation(7.2db) (6db)

Max rate (kbps) up(1076) down(25344)

Unfortunately upstream bandwidths are (configured )very low for home packages and cannot be increased.

Fyr i believe on adsl 2+ the maximum upstream is not more than 1 or 1.5 mb universally as this tech doesnt support it